10 Best Drum Throne Reviews & Rated in 2019

Everyone knows the phrase “a man’s castle is his home.” Well, the drummer’s seat is his throne. So, put the right throne in your castle and you’ll be the ruler of your drums!

In all seriousness, the seat you choose for your set affects your performance almost as much as the set itself.

You may spend more hours on this seat than any other chair, so it should be as comfortable as possible while letting you access every part of your set with ease. Read this article to find the best drum thrones that will pamper your bum while you rock on the drum.

Our Top Thrones

PDP By DW 700 Series Drum Throne
  • Pacific Drums and Percussion 700 Series Drum Throne
  • Height: 19"-23"
  • Price: See Here!
Gibraltar 9608 Drum Throne
  • Gibraltar 9608 Drum Throne
  • Height: 20"-28"
  • Price: See Here!
Pearl Drum Throne (D730S)
  • Pearl D730S Throne, Round Cushion Single Braced Legs
  • Height: 16"-23"
  • Price: See Here!

List of 10 Drum Thrones on the Market Today:

1. Pacific Drums and Percussion 700 Series Drum Throne

PDP By DW 700 Series Drum Throne

This lightweight drum throne is great for young drummers. It adjusts to a 23” maximum height and 19” minimum. It will handle a weight limit of 225 lbs., so it’s appropriate for preteens and teenagers alike, at least up to the weight limit.

The throne weighs about 8 lbs., so it’s heavier than the typical youth seat, but it breaks down for both storage and travel so it’s easy to bring along to practice. The double-braced legs and non-skid rubber feet provide great stability, even when the drumming gets a little wild. The bolt-thru height adjustment keeps the seat from slipping once it’s been adjusted to the best height.

With the 4” range, it’s not as adjustable as a higher-end model. It will also take longer to adjust the seat height because the bolt must be completely removed and reinserted through the seat. It’s worth it for the extra stability and safety of the setup, though.

The seat makes a fantastic first thrown for aspiring drummers who know they will spend hours on their seats. It’s so comfortable that most teens use it for videogame time and other uses as well.

2. Gibraltar 9608 Drum Throne

Gibraltar 9608 Drum Throne

This throne will support a full-sized adult and can adjust to heights between 20 and 28 inches.

Height adjustment is very quick and easy. Simply turn the seat to the desired height and then tighten the two-point locking mechanism to hold the adjustment. The third lock, called a memory lock, is tightened with a drum key to ensure a secure hold.

While the height adjustment is quick and easy, you’ll have a problem if you lose the key. It might be best to attach it to the stand to make sure it never gets lost.

All Gibraltar 9000 series thrones are built with very heavy duty bases. The leg base is double braced to provide even more support and stability for the rubber-mounted feet.

It’s well-suited to both male and female adult players who want a simple throne that stays comfortable for a few hours and won’t break their budget. It is probably not the best seat for travel due to more time-consuming disassembly and weight, but it serves its purpose well in practice studios and with home practice sets.

3. Pearl D730S Throne, Round Cushion Single Braced Legs

Pearl Drum Throne (D730S)

The Pearl D730S is built for smaller drummers, with a height that adjusts between 16 and 23 inches. The legs are only single braced so they won’t support as much weight as a sturdier double-braced seat, but it should support an average-sized teenager with ease.

It is a cost-effective option for a lighter adult that needs a lower height adjustment or a teenager who is purchasing their first adult-sized set. The slip-proof height collar keeps it from needing frequent readjustments, so it stays put through regular use.

There’s no getting around it. The round seat is hard. Some may find their legs or backside going to sleep after an hour or so. Of course, firmness is a matter of personal preference, but someone who knows they will be spending several hours a day on this throne may want to consider better padding.

This seat shouldn’t be expected to support a full-grown man or stand up to the type of beating that drummers like Dave Grohl can dish out, but it will do for a first throne or a backup seat for practice.

4. MAPEX T775 Double Braced Throne with Height Adjustment and Back Rest

MAPEX T775 Double Braced Throne with Height Adjustment and Back Rest, Saddle Seat

The MAPEX T775 has a four-point support system to provide complete stability for adult drummers. The steel spindle height adjustment allows precise height changes between 18 and 26 inches.

The best feature of this throne is its 17-inch saddle seat with a 4-inch cushion. The seat has an adjustable backrest that provides customizable back support where it’s needed for extra-long sessions. Also, while many seats have only the legs, this one has four for added stability.

The seat has a little play that causes it to slightly wobble if it’s not tightened correctly. If this problem is bothersome, the spindle should be readjusted and the bottom of the seat re-tightened. Wobbly seats wear out fast.

Drummers who find their feet and legs going to sleep from hours on a round seat can benefit from a nicely-padded saddle seat that relieves pressure. It is worth it to have extra back support and stress-relief for the back of the legs. The rock-solid build will support even tall, heavy drummers who need the extra height and support.

5. Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

Gibraltar 6608 Heavy Drum Throne

This bicycle-seat throne has a height-adjustment between 18 and 24 inches.

The seat is very comfortable, with a 3.5-inch-thick pad, and it isn’t prone to slipping with the additional locking mechanism that can be tightened with a drum key.

The double-braced legs will support a heavy adult just fine, but it may feel a bit wobbly at its highest adjustment. It also takes a few minutes to adjust the seat because you have to remove a wingnut.

This drum seat has professional features and support for serious drummers at a very affordable price. Professional drummers can have all the support and comfort needed with this lightweight seat.

The price is also appropriate for those who have never tried a bicycle-style seat before but think it may be just the thing for relieving the leg pressure caused by typical round seats. Bicycle seats aren’t for everyone, as they tend to shift weight more to the tailbone rather than evenly distributing it across the backside and upper thighs.

At this price, it’s worth it just to experiment with a possibly more comfortable sitting position. At the least, you’ll have very sturdy replacement hardware if you don’t like the seat.

6. ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black

ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne Black

The Nitro Throne adjusts to between 18 and 24 inches and is one of the most comfortable bicycle thrones the tattered drummer’s spine can enjoy.

This is because the throne has nitrogen gas shock absorbers built into the seat mount that provide more cushion for a drummer’s explosive movements. You will notice the give of the shock absorbers when you first sit on the seat, but it still provides powerful support for adults.

A lever under the bottom-right of the seat adjusts the hydraulic height, just like an office chair. The seat padding is firm, with less give than some more expensive thrones, but you’ll soon find that this firmness works perfectly with the shock absorbers to give you just the right amount of support.

If you are a fan of backrests, you’ll have to spend extra. They are sold separately.

If you’re suffering from the lower back pain that most drummers begin to experience after years in an inferior seat, this is worth the small extra expense for fantastic ergonomic support. Best, the double-braced legs are so sturdy that this may be the last drum seat you ever have to buy.

7. Pork Pie Round Drum Throne Black with Black Flat Top

Pork Pie Round Drum Throne Black with Black Flat Top

This cushy seat is 14.5 inches wide with a height adjustment between 21 and 28 inches. Pork Pie drum thrones are well known for their comfort. Their padded, ultra-comfortable seats and super sturdy double-braced legs are made to support large, heavy drummers. But they also adjust down to a very comfortable low for the average-sized person.

This model is the more basic type, with a stable base and spindle height adjustment. You’ll only need to hand-tighten one locking mechanism to hold it good and tight. The leg-brace lock is lined with a bushing to prevent marring of the base metal when you tighten the wing nut. Pork Pie also produces hydraulic support seats that are even easier to adjust, but complaints about any of their designs, including the basic models are not likely.

You’ll need a key to completely remove the seat for storage but it’s hard to imagine ever packing it away. These seats are so comfortable and well-built that it’s hard to imagine going back to the standard type of seat included as an extra in most drum hardware packs.

8. Gibraltar Softy Drum Throne

Gibraltar Softy Drum Throne

This is one of Gibraltar’s most comfortable seats. The pad for this seat is five inches thick, to help absorb even the most punishing shock and movement. The seat height adjusts from 18” to 24” via the spindle height adjustment system, that holds tight once the height is set.

The tripod base is double braced and complimented by Gibraltar’s Super Foot foundation. In other words, it will hold up through the worst punishment you can imagine.
The seat doesn’t come with a drum key, so you’ll have to use the standard one that comes with your set for certain adjustments. You will also need a wrench to open or lock the swivel.

The base of the Softy is as well-built as Gibraltar’s other throne models, with liners for all adjustment points to prevent metal to metal contact. Best, the simple height adjustment is equipped with a memory lock to make set up and teardown quick and fast. After all, what’s the point if you can’t take it with you?

9. Drum Workshop DWCP3100 THRONE


This throne features a 13-inch vinyl seat with 3 inches of solid foam padding. It has a lock nut mechanism that will allow it to spin freely or lock it in place for stationary use. The secondary locking mechanism provides extra support for heavier adults.

The memory lock is intended to keep the adjustment stable so the height does not slip, but it still has the tendency to slowly slip down over the course of a few sessions with an average-sized adult.

Since this seat is light and easy to breakdown and store, it makes a great gig seat that won’t sacrifice comfort for portability. And the memory lock makes it easier to adjust your height quickly on set up. This throne makes a wonderful middle of the line investment.

10. Mapex Double Brace Round Top Drum Throne

Mapex Double Brace Round top Drum Throne

This is a pretty basic seat for teens and younger adults that can be adjusted between 17 and 22 inches. It’s a well-constructed seat with double-braced supports and sturdy rubber floor mounts, so it will hold up to fairly heavy use.

The 12” seat only has about 2.5 inches of padding, so this isn’t the type of soft and cushy seat that a heavy-set drummer would want to use for hours. Also, the bolt lock height adjustment only allows for five different height adjustments, but this also assures that the seat height will not slip with heavy use.

As far as comfort goes, this throne is just a small upgrade from the typical seat that comes with most standard hardware kits. But, it’s sturdy build will last a quite a while as the first seat for teenagers or a backup throne for adults. Considering this use, it’s a very good purchase.

Making the Decision

When choosing the best throne for your needs, it’s important to remember that the best throne for you won’t necessarily be the best for everyone else. Drum throne reviews provide reliable information on sturdiness, adjustment, and size, but the comfort level is a matter of personal taste.

Drum throne reviewsSo, consider the following when choosing your next throne:

Do you need extra wide
for a plumper backside?
Or a bicycle seat
for more blood to your feet?
Does a thin-padded throne
make your back groan?
Or does your height call
for a seat that’s quite tall?
Easy set-up is sought
cuz you travel a lot?
Or you need a cheap pair
for both here and there?

Ok, perhaps limericks and rhymes make too much light of such an important decision as to where to plant your bottom for the large part of your musical day. Just remember that you’re the king of your castle, so you deserve a proper throne.

Choosing less won’t be fair
to your derriere.

Sorry…last one…promise. 😉